Milk, Neilson, 2% (1 litre)

Fresh, pure milk ... naturally, by Neilson.

Since 1893, Neilson dairy products have met the highest quality standards. Neilson has always been committed to using only the best ingredients and production processes, and only hiring the most knowledgeable people, to produce the delicious milk you know.


Rich in nutrients, milk has been a food staple for centuries. Used in cooking, baking or simply as a wholesome beverage, Milk is a great way to get calcium and protein into your diet. Whole milk contains at least 3.25% milk fat. When a portion of the milk’s fat is removed, it becomes partly skimmed milk, such as 2% milk and 1% milk, depending on the quantity removed. Skim milk is virtually fat-free, with only about 0.1% fat.

Nutrition facts: See photo.